Research & Technology class, 2011-12

Unit 1: Creating a Ning page (see 7th grade Unit 1 for an updated curriculum map.)
Discussing social networks and protecting reputations online
Unit 2: Reading informational texts and taking notes using Digg or Delicious
Unit 3: Online searching skills
Unit 4: Evaluating sources for RADCAB
Website evaluation lesson and activity
  • Students learn to think about authorship and purpose of a web site selected for research
external image msword.png radcablesson.docexternal image msword.png RADCAB – Information Evaluation.doc
Unit 5: Citing sources using APA format using EasyBib or BibMe
Unit 6: Researching a small topic
Unit 7: Presenting research using Prezi
Unit 8: Creating Booktalks for summer reading
Booktalks: Opinion writing about books

Create book talks on books you want to recommend to others. Add audio and video to text. (Info Fluency 3.2.1, 2.3.1, 2.3.5).

Other lessons/ideas:
Bullying Unit
  • Analyze different picture books and excerpts from chapter books about bullying
  • Create a response to bullying and the coping strategies showcased using webcomics site Toondoo (Info Fluency 1.6.1)
  • Create a Hyperstudio presentation of an extreme weather type.

Research & Technology class, 2012-13

Inline citations: Here are two handouts for teaching inline citations and signal phrases. Read more about how I teach this here.

Plan for next year:

Plan for next year to ensure technology integration, research, independent reading throughout the school year, and a possible tech course for those interested in more technology in Middle School

A. List of lessons to be integrated into ELA, Science, Math, and Social Studies assignments

These 1st four should be scheduled the first 2-3 weeks of school:
Using email and Mac accounts (ELA)
Using Google docs (ELA)
Digital Citizenship: Social Media etiquette/Cyberbullying awareness (ELA)
Digital Citizenship: Avoiding plagiarism/citation (ELA)

For first typed essay:
Microsoft Word formatting text (ELA)
Microsoft Word formatting pictures (ELA)

For first typed essay for science to include data:
Microsoft Word tables (Science)
Microsoft Word creating pie charts and line charts (Science)

For first research essay/presentation:
Powerpoint or Prezi: Creating presentations (Science or Social Studies)
Online research: Evaluating sources (Science or Social Studies)
Online research: Citing sources (Science or Social Studies)

Data-driven assignment
Excel setting up a spreadsheet (Math)
Excel calculations/reports (Math)

Documentary or interview-based assignment
Camera techniques & interviewing techniques (Social Studies)
iMovie capturing and editing (Social studies)
Pages: creating flyers for end of year events

B. Library visits to encourage independent reading (ELA)
When: one session every 3 weeks during ELA
Sharing what we are reading: Use domain-specific vocab for fiction
Sharing what we are reading: Use domain-specific vocab for informational writing
Sharing what we are reading: Use domain-specific vocab for poetry
Good Reads (4 sessions)
Animoto book trailers
Caught Reading pictures to promote reading
Opinion pieces about books and genres
Visiting the public library
Downloading ebooks
Using the research databases on library websites (NYPL & ours)

C. Possible tech course to teach for those interested in using tech for creative expression (28-32 sessions):
First I will teach basics with a stress-free assignment. Then I will ask them to create their own animation, game, and movie. Best if no more than 10 students. No filming at school due to lack of supervision (I am only one person).
Keyboarding (4 sessions)
Computer programming using Scratch to create animation and games (8 sessions)
Weebly for web design (8 sessions) OR iBook Author for ebook design
Advanced iMovie using green screen (8 sessions)
Social media savvy: how to read/write tweets, difference between a blog post and a facebook post, social media etiquette