Information and Technology Class 2010-11

Curriculum overview for the year

Unit 1: Digital citizenship/Setting up a Ning page using links, embedding and uploading
Unit 1.5: Comparing information on same topic by different authors including info graphics

Unit 2: Making textual information visual: creating charts, diagrams, and pictograms
Unit 2.5 Short research project about social networks following CCSS/Inquiry process

Unit 3: Making Common Craft videos with a message about protecting privacy and reputation online

Unit 4: Creating a monthly budget using Excel for a young person with an entry-level position
Unit 4.5: Review: Citing online sources and evaluating websites

Unit 5: Create a 5x5 movie on iMovie


Media literacy studies: making and retouching images
**Media Literacy project** :
Core questions

Lesson one: What is Media?
Lesson two: Advertising techniques
(Only do part of the lesson based on values in ads and techniques used. Use worksheet from teacher vision.)

Lesson three: Media Investigation : Who are the people in your TV neighborhood?
Lesson four: Headlines are biased
Follow-up: Create a digital advertisement using Adobe Elements after discussing/analyzing retouching techniques and abuse in advertisements.

Day #1: Look at articles/examples of retouching. Do you think that retouched images should be labeled retouched?
Day #2: Demo tools of Adobe Photoshop elements & find/take an image to retouch/alter
Day #3: Show before and after photos. What values did you communicate with your "retouched" image?
Alternate assignment: Play admongo
Thanks to NAMLE for their curriculum. Cannot wait til their book is available again!

Other ideas:

Unit 1: Booktalks: Urban fiction

Unit 2: Book talks: Historical fiction
Unit 3: Reading database articles and taking notes
Unit 4: Booktalks: Literary nonfiction about history
Unit 5: Booktalks: Books with different narrators or different character points of view
Unit 6: Booktalks: Different forms of poetry
Unit 7: Booktalks: Plays
Unit 8: Booktalks: Memoirs